Lose Your Eneas - EMINEAS

Lose Your Eneas - EMINEAS

Nowadays the mankind is watching astonished
The extraordinary and unusual worldwide fact that moves daily
As in a giant billiard table
Enormous ciphers flying around
As bits and bytes at the speed of the light
Transferring from one point to another of the planet
Fabulous fortunes
In a true speculative orgy
Completely dissociated from reality
Without any correspondence with real reach
Of our physical world
The so called globalization

It seems to those not fully aware
And it shall include real sadly the great majority of citizens
That this process is creating a world
In which everyone will have access to a higher standard of life
With greater social justice

That fact comes to us by the media
As a cure-all for the biggest world problems

As a matter of fact
It is necessary to be pointed out
That only two to three percent of all those transactions
Raise in to three trillion dollars a day
Only two to three percent
Refer to commercial and industrial activities

On the other hand
The great majority of the financial transactions
Is pure speculative
As if money by itself
Would be able to generate more money
As a fantasy that is carrying the world economy to a dried end

Until the seventies the Bretton Woods rules were followed
Money to flow between nations
Needed the previous government authorization
There was a fixed exchange rate
Between the currencies of the greatest
Industrialized nations

The FED assured there was a gold equivalent in the transaction
In other words
There were restrictions
To the flow of speculative money

In 1973 the US government imposed an unilateral rupture
And the barriers disappeared
Gold reserves are no longer necessary
Money is no more the wealth symbol, it’s the wealth proper
A fiction, in such a way, that goes to the edge of insanity
Is supported by a group of worldwide institutions
The so called international financial system
And here I include to the IMF
The World Bank, the World Trade Organization and so on

That is the money empire, the false money
The real speculation conducting
The mankind to it’s ruin and destruction

Well, gentleman
It is with that false money
That mega speculators through the world
Are willing to buy real riches
Over all developing countries

In Brazil, they are selling out, by the dozen
All of our strategic state companies
(???) they are giving away all our strategic resources
Including Vale do Rio Doce company
The greatest iron mining company in the world
By only three billion dollars
Equivalent to less than half of one percent
Of its estimated value

In Brazil, we have the greatest reserves in the world
Of Niobium, Titanium, first-quality quartz
We are the greatest gold producer in Latin America
We have the richest subsoil in this planet
And we are seeing our riches going there cheap
To the industrialized countries

President Clinton
During the summit of the Americas in Santiago recently said
“Your prosperity lifts ours, our prosperity lifts yours”
Is that really true?

From the Brazilian states of Amapá and the Minas Gerais
We have carried millions of tens of manganese
Sold by insignificant prizes

Now in those Brazilian states
We have only big land craters, holes
And our manganese rests in Pensilvânia
It is now part of the US strategic inventory
In the future we’ll have to pay
Whatever price they wanted for that same mineral

Let me call your attention to another fact
We are notoriously the richest country in the world
For while in at least one state of the US
It is necessary the desalinization of water for having fresh water
We have 21% of the fresh water resources in the planet
We are the fifth country in territorial extension
We receive solar energy all year long, all over the country
That huge and inconceivable amount of energy
Is partially stored on the bonds of atoms and the
Molecules of the carbohydrates and the lipides in the plants
From where we extract alcohol and oils
That can substitute petroleum
Allowing Brazilian energy independence

We don’t have aggressions
We don’t have earthquakes
We don’t have hurricanes and the like
Nevertheless two thirds of our population
Live in an unacceptable condition
Half of them live in absolute poverty
In absolute misery

Brazilian government pays
To the international creditors
And their Brazilian representatives
About half of the gross national income
That’s to say
Five billion dollars a month only as interest

The internal and external debts altogether
Represent today the astronomic cipher of a half trillion dollars

Government maintains a fiction of currency stability
Concealing the disorderly growth in public debt
And promoting the destruction of
All the industrial production chain of the country

With mass importation of industrialized products and even food

Out party, PRONA
Rises against that process
Is imperative a new Bretton Woods
As we don’t have the condition to impose such an agreement
On the international scenario
And as we do have in our country
All that we need for our survival
That is only one option not to drown

We’ll break with the international financial system
We’ll no longer accept this speculator’s extortion
We’ll sit down for negotiations
Impose our sovereignty
We’ll price our goods with justice
The interest rates that we’ll pay shall be the lowest possible
That is the only way to proclaim our economic independence

Thank you very much


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